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 The complete fluorescent tube collection and recycling service is available from Wiser Recycling throughout the UK. We are one of the few UK companies that manage the whole recycling process – end-to-end. From collection to treatment and recycling, we provide a fully compliant and environmentally friendly service.

As a logical first step, take advantage of our secure and durable containers and start storing your fluorescent tubes safely. To find out more and join the many other organisations that are already benefitting, contact us or call on 01480 464111.

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A Cost-Effective Service
Frequently Asked Questions

Wiser Recycling provides compliant fluorescent tube recycling 

Many of Wiser Recycling’s customers have peace of mind that their unwanted lighting is recycled compliantly.

Fluorescent Tube Collection, Recycling & Treatment

Since 2003, we have been processing WEEE – including fluorescent tubes – in a responsible and reliable manner. At Wiser Recycling, we prioritise understanding and building a long-term working relationship with our customers. To date, our waste carrier fleet routinely collects fluorescent tubes and all other types of gas discharge lamps from a variety of UK businesses and organisations. As a result, many of our customers have peace of mind that their unwanted lighting is recycled compliantly.

Who we work with

Wiser Recycling provides a friendly and reliable fluorescent tube and other lighting equipment – including sodium SON and SOX lamps – collection, and recycling service to a wide range of organisations. Across the UK, we go the extra mile whether you have 10 or 10,000 fluorescent tubes! Our clients include:

RPS NumberDescriptionExpiry Date
RPS C1Cleansing and PPE waste at a healthcare waste management facility31/03/2021
RPS C2Exceeding waste storage limits at permitted sites because of COVID-1930/09/2020
RPS C3Water and Sewerage Company OSM and UWWTR sampling affected by COVID-1930/09/2020
RPS C4Incinerating specified healthcare wastes at a municipal waste incinerator30/06/2020
RPS C5PPE waste from home healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-1931/03/2021
RPS C6Storing treated sewage sludge you cannot move because of COVID-19 restrictions30/09/2020
RPS C7Monitoring emissions from some environmental permitting activities30/09/2020
RPS C8Social distancing when signing and handing over waste transfer and consignment notes in person31/03/2021
RPS C9COVID-19 and packaging waste: registering as a packaging producer08/07/2020
RPS C10Reporting for installations, radioactive substances and waste permits30/09/2020
RPS C11Emissions to air from large combustion plant during black start events31/07/2020
RPS C12COVID-19 and spreading slurry or milk on land, or storing slurry30/09/2020
RPS C13Accumulating radioactive waste that you cannot transfer because of COVID-1931/03/2021
RPS C14COVID-19 and delaying hazardous waste consignee returns31/07/2020
RPS C15COVID-19 and exceeding permit limits for medical use of radioactive substances31/03/2021
RPS C17COVID-19 and storing waste at unpermitted sites due to exceeding your storage limits30/09/2020
RPS C18Emissions to air from Large Combustion Plant in the Transitional National Plan30/11/2020
RPS C20Monitoring emissions from some environmental permitting activities31/01/2021

We collect fluorescent tubes directly from you

Wiser Recycling waste carrier fleet 

Our FORS certified fleet can reach the furthest parts of the UK.

Wiser Recycling offers safe and compliant fluorescent tube collections. To begin with, we provide our customers with flexible and durable specialist fluorescent tube containers. Here, the customer can handle and store their unwanted fluorescent tubes safely. Once the customer is ready, a friendly driver from our FORS certified fleet will come to collect the waste tubes in a timely manner. Trained to a high standard, our experienced drivers provide an exemplary and safe service.

Available across the UK

Our FORS certified fleet can cover all parts of the UK. Every working day, our fleet collects fluorescent tubes and WEEE from our customers. Wiser Recycling’s office-based collections team organise and track the whole process. So, you can have confidence that your collection is scheduled and ready to go ahead. Furthermore, you can also keep an eye on the status of your collection at any time by giving our collections team a call on 01480 464111.

Free collections

Helping to provide our customers with the best value possible, Wiser Recycling offers a free collection service. Provided that your collection point is within a 50-mile radius of our approved and authorised treatment facilities (AATF) and weighs over 500kg. The catchment area includes many of the UK’s most populous cities. This includes London (north of the river), East Anglia, Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber.

Beyond the free collection areas, our transport charges start from a competitive £84. See our transport fee table for more information. Alternatively, you can easily drop off your unwanted tubes directly at our AATFs for free. Contact us or call on 01480 464111 to book a collection or drop off today.

An efficient fluorescent tube recycling process

Strategically placed across the UK, Wiser Recycling operates two state of the art AATFs. Based in the North and East of England, our AATFs operate compliantly under their environmental permits. Enshrined as a part of our culture, we aim to produce clean high-quality materials as an output of our fluorescent tube recycling process; maximising the market’s demand for our recycled end-product.

State of the art AATFs

Our recycling process ensures that your unwanted tubes do not end up directly in a landfill – causing harm to the environment. First, a specialist compact crush and sieve machine crushes the fluorescent tubes. This machine allows us to separate and recover the valuable glass cullet from the other fluorescent tube components.

The recovered glass cullet is then recycled and used within the manufacture of paving slabs and aggregate. Alongside this, we recycle your fluorescent tube’s old non-ferrous metals and plastic components into new parts. In working with Wiser Recycling you will be contributing towards the UK’s circular economy.

Wiser Recycling's lamp recycling process 

Download a handy copy of our lamp recycling process.

Safe & compliant fluorescent tube treatment

Primarily, the dangerous and hazardous component of a fluorescent tube is the mercury-containing phosphor powder. This substance is dangerous because it can cause harm to human health and the environment. Moreover, any breakage or damage to a fluorescent tube could result in potential exposure to the invisible and odourless mercury vapour. Maintaining compliance, we separate the mercury-containing phosphor powder and secure it in into sealed and airtight containers – ready for responsible and compliant further treatment.

In short, our advanced fluorescent tube treatment process safely isolates the hazardous mercury-containing phosphor powder and recycles the valuable materials. By removing the need to needlessly landfill valuable materials, Wiser Recycling’s treatment process positively impacts the environment and retains resources for future use. Learn more about the lamp recycling process that puts us light years ahead!

Cost-effective service

At Wiser Recycling, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most cost-effective service available. Operating multiple AATFs across the UK gives us an edge over the competition. Alongside offering free collections for large quantities of fluorescent tubes, we also offer competitive transport charges for smaller volumes

Our transport fee table below illustrates how cost-effective our fluorescent tube collection and recycling service is. To find your nearest Wiser Recycling AATF and your transport fees – enter your location or postcode area into the table’s search box. This fee does not include a £33+VAT hazardous waste consignment note.

WEEE TypeClassificationHazardous Waste StatusPOPs Status
Large Domestic Appliances (LDA)
– white goods
20 01 36 Household typeNon-hazardous wasteNon-POPs
Refrigeration equipment containing ozone depleting substances20 01 23* Household type 16 02 11* OtherHazardous waste Non-POPs waste
Other refrigeration equipment20 01 35* Household type 16 02 13* OtherHazardous wasteNon-POPs waste
Display Devices
- Cathode ray tubes
- Flat Panel
20 01 35* Household typeHazardous wastePOPs waste
Small mixed WEEE (SMW)20 01 35* and 20 01 36 (assign two codes)Hazardous wastePOPs waste
Separately collected categories of WEEE (of a household type and from any source)
1. Large household appliances (other than LDA white goods)
2. Small household appliances
3. IT and telecoms equipment
4. Consumer equipment
5. Lighting equipment
6. Electrical and electronic tools
7. Toys, leisure and sport equipment
20 01 35* and 20 01 36 (assign two codes)Hazardous wastePOPs waste
Office equipment (dual use – of a type similar to household items)20 01 35* and 20 01 36 (assign two codes) Hazardous wastePOPs waste
Office equipment
- business to business
16 02 13*Hazardous wastePOPs waste
8. Medical Devices
9. Monitoring and Control Instruments
10. Automatic dispensers
20 01 35* Household type 16 02 13* OtherHazardous wastePOPs waste
Lamps and Lightbulbs with plastic components and/or printed circuit boards.20 01 35* Household type 16 02 13* Other Hazardous wastePOPs waste
Plastic components removed from display devices (including those that are subsequently baled, crushed or shredded)16 02 15* and 16 02 16 (dual codeHazardous wastePOPs waste
Printed Circuit Boards (including those removed before or during waste treatment)16 02 15*Hazardous wastePOPs waste
WEEE Cable - interior and exterior (including those removed before or during waste treatment)16 02 15* and 16 02 16 (dual code)Hazardous wastePOPs waste
Other WEEE not listed20 01 35* Household type 16 02 13* OtherHazardous wastePOPs waste

Fluorescent tube recycling service – book a collection today

Recycle your unwanted fluorescent tubes today. Our fully compliant all-in-one service is ready to recycle your unwanted lighting. Additionally, we can collect your WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) during our visit as well.

At Wiser Recycling, we go the extra mile no matter the size of your business – whether you have 10 or 10,000 lights. Reduce your costs and environmental impact today and contact us or call our friendly team on  01480 464111 to get started.

Wiser Recycling's state of the art AATF 

Wiser Recycling operates multiple state of the art AATFs across the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it dangerous to break fluorescent tubes?
    Yes, a broken fluorescent tube is dangerous. This is because each tube has mercury-containing phosphor powder. Mercury is a toxic metal that can cause serious damage to the brain, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs. The World Health Organisation site tremors, insomnia, memory loss, neuromuscular effects and headaches as potential signs of mercury poisoning.
  • Are fluorescent tubes hazardous?
    Yes, fluorescent tubes are classified as hazardous waste. WM3 classify such lighting equipment as 20 01 21*. This means that unwanted fluorescent tubes should follow hazardous waste regulations. This includes producing a consignment note when moving the waste and use an AATF to recycle and treat your hazardous fluorescent tubes.
  • Can you put fluorescent tubes in a skip?
    No, you should not put unwanted fluorescent tubes in a skip. Their hazardous nature means that producers of waste fluorescent tubes need to (i) classify them as hazardous waste, (ii) separate and safely store them, (iii) use authorised businesses to collect and recycle them, (iv) fill in a consignment note and (v) keep those records for 3 years.
  • Where can I recycle fluorescent tubes near me?
    You can recycling your fluorescent tubes at one of Wiser Recycling’s AATFs. Based in the North and East of England, our AATFs can compliantly treat your unwanted lighting equipment. Find your nearest AATF with our transport fee table.

Call us on 01480 464 111 to speak to a member of our team