Computer Recycling

Wiser Recycling - Computer Recycling 1Wiser Recycling  Centre provides market leading reuse, computer recycling and disposal services for other IT equipment.

We work with a number of charity and social enterprise partners to enable the upgrade and reuse of computers and other IT equipment, with a particular focus on helping low income families and the long term unemployed.

Our Computer and IT equipment recycling  and disposal service

All computers and data containing IT equipment sent for reuse is wiped to US Department of Defence standards before software is reloaded and the equipment is tested for function and electrical safety. With our computer recycling service you can be sure that your computer or other IT equipment will be correctly disposed of.

If items are not suitable for reuse or where our customers prefer items not to be reused, they are recycled.  Computer parts and IT equipment that don’t contain data are de-manufactured to recover reusable components and recyclable materials.

IT equipment recycling process

IT Equipment Recycling - Computer Recycling 2Laptops are dismantled with the screens sent for reuse and the cold-cathode fluorescent tubes (CCFLs) used in back lighting are recycled through our lamp recycling process. Servers, PCs and data media are securely shredded and plastics, metals and other materials are recovered for recycling.

Our treatment processes include a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) recycling plant that enables us to continue computer recycling the traditional computer monitors and TV screens. Plastics and metals are baled and sent to re-processors across the UK, Europe and the Far East.