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Safe and compliant IT and communications equipment recycling

Are your cupboards full of old computers, phones and other redundant items? At Wiser Recycling, we know that many businesses hold on to their old IT and communications equipment because they aren’t sure how to dispose of it safely and correctly. We can help you to do the right thing with our computer recycling services and free up that storage space for more useful things.

Cost effective and compliant IT disposal and computer recycling

safe and compliant computer recyclingWiser Recycling provides cost effective and compliant disposal of all computers, IT and communications equipment. We will take everything from laptops, monitors, keyboards and hard drives to monitors, phones and tablets.

We provide a quick and reliable service from your initial quote through to the provision of waste transfer notes, consignment notes and destruction certificates.

We make collections easy for our clients and ensure that materials are transported in line with legislation. Our vehicle tracking software and full trained, vetted drivers ensure secure transportation of all IT to our site.

We charge some of the lowest transport fees on the market ensuring we provide value for money whatever the quantity. If your business is based near our facilities, you are welcome to bring your redundant IT equipment to our site with prior arrangement. Contact us for more information.

Secure data destruction

Wiser Recycling provides secure and compliant destruction of data bearing devices including hard drives, USB drives, discs and other media. This is carried out via mechanical process at our facilities in Norfolk and West Yorkshire with asset tag removal and destruction certificates provided.

We ensure complete traceability of your data bearing devices at all times. On collection from your site, our drivers record the serial number of all data bearing devices being collected before they are loaded up to leave site. These records are verified on arrival at our site and again at the point of destruction.

We ensure your data bearing devices remain protected at all times. Our facilities are secure with perimeter fencing and robust gates, alarms and CCTV. Access is to authorised personnel only and visitors are always accompanied.

All our staff are trained in data protection and understand its importance in the management of redundant IT equipment. Our secure data destruction services ensure that you not only meet environmental legislation but also data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Computer recycling and reuse

Recycling computers at Wiser Recycling's Thetford facility for waste electrical and electronic equipmentWiser Recycling processes all waste electrical and electronic equipment in line with the waste hierarchy. Computers and other IT equipment that arrive at our site are visually assessed for reuse potential. Anything that passes inspection is securely data wiped (in the case of data bearing devices), safety and function testing before being donated or sold on to extend its life. All IT equipment remains in the UK, none is exported.

Where items are not suitable for reuse, we recycle as many of the component parts and materials as possible. We strive to provide zero waste to landfill solutions but acknowledge that due to the hazardous nature of some materials, this is not always possible for IT and communications equipment.

Got any other WEEE for disposal?

We will collect all your other waste electrical and electronic equipment at the same time making our service quick, easy and value for money. Find out more about our comprehensive WEEE recycling services or contact us for a quote.

Looking for a household computer recycling service?

Please note that this is a commercial service which is charged accordingly. To find out more about our household computer recycling services, visit our community pages.