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Batteries Recycling

Wiser Recycling provides comprehensive recycling services across the UK for all types of batteries including lead acid, nickel cadmium and lithium based.

Recycling batteries at Wiser Recycling's Thetford facility for waste electrical and electronic equipment

We provide a range of containers for the safe and convenient storage of segregated or mixed batteries onsite.  We collect and transport all batteries to our Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATF’s) across the UK where they are sorted and bulked.

Batteries are then taken to specialist battery recycling facilities under the approved battery compliance scheme where the component materials are recovered.

The battery recycling process depends on the type of battery and its main components but usually includes heat treatment with the primary recovery being the metal content.

We provide services also in Thetford, Norfolk, Huddersfield, Lewisham and in the North and East of England.