Lamp recycling

Wiser Recycling provides storage, collection and recycling services for all types of lamps.

Storage, collection, recycling services for all types of lamps

We provide practical options for dry and safe storage.

Dry and safe storage of lamps for recycling

We collect full containers and deliver to our facilities.

Collection of lamps for recycling

Lamps go into our specialist plant for a high quality recycling process.

Specialist plant for recycling lamps

Lamps are crushed and high quality glass cullet is separated and recovered.

Lamp recycling process generating high quality glass cullet

The glass cullet is used within fibre glass and block manufacture or as aggregate.

Glass cullet from lamp recycling

Aluminium and steel end caps are also separated and remade into other metal products.

Metal recycled during Wiser's lamp recycling process

Plastic parts are separated and remade into other plastic products.

Plastic parts recycled during Wiser Recycling's lamp recycling process

Phosphor powder containing mercury is separated for safe and compliant disposal.

Compliant disposal of phosphor powder containing mercury during lamp recycling process

This state-of-the-art recycling process puts us ‘light years ahead’!