Free lamp waste collections in North, South and East of England

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Wiser Recycling is providing free lamp waste collections for all types of lamps including fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent tubes (CFLs – low energy lamps), street lamps, LEDs and halogen lamps.

Free lamp waste collections

lamp waste - fluorescent tubes for lamp recyclingWiser Recycling provides cost effective, responsive and reliable lamp waste collections across England, whether you have 10 or 10,000 lamps.

The free service covers a 50-mile radius of Wiser Recycling’s facilities in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and Thetford, Norfolk. The areas extend from Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Hertfordshire and East Anglia to London (north of the river) and from the Midlands to Yorkshire and the Humber, taking in many of the UK’s most populous cities.

The minimum quantity for free lamp waste collections is 500kg which is the equivalent of approximately 2,500 6ft fluorescent tubes.

Beyond the free lamp waste collection areas, transport charges start from £70. Contact us for a competitively priced quotation.

Free lamp recycling for all

Both Wiser Recycling’s North and East of England AATFs (approved authorised treatment facilities) operate state-of-the-art lamp recycling plant designed to produce clean, uncontaminated and high-quality materials and components to maximise demand for our end products.

Lamp waste - glass cullet produced during Wiser Recycling's lamp recycling processWhether we collect 10 lamps for 10,000 lamps for you, our lamp recycling process is free. The process ensures lamp waste is recycled and doesn’t end up in landfill, giving you safe, compliant and environmentally responsible disposal for all your lamp waste.

Please note that to ensure compliance with legal requirements, consignment notes are charged at £28 per time.

Find out more

Wiser Recycling provides lamp collection and recycling services to a wide range of organisations including local authorities, producer compliance schemes, retailers, wholesalers, waste management companies and many other businesses. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the service they need when they need it. Contact us today to get your lamp waste collected.

Got any other WEEE for disposal?

We will collect all your other waste electrical and electronic equipment at the same time, making our collections and recycling extremely cost effective. Contact us to find out more about a great solution for all your WEEE waste.

Please note that terms & conditions apply – please contact us for more details.

Recycling electrical wastes regularly, reliably and responsibly.
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