Recycling fluorescent tubes safely

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Recycling fluorescent tubes safelyWiser Recycling strongly believes that storing and recycling fluorescent tubes safely is important. This is because the mercury contained within phosphor powder can pose a significant risk to human health and the environment. Fluorescent tubes are a source of efficient and effective lighting for many environments including offices and workshops.

Businesses should contact Wiser Recycling to ensure safe storage, collection and recycling of waste fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent tubes are an efficient source of lighting and they are produced in a variety of lengths and diameters. As a result, many offices and workshops use fluorescent tubes to light their buildings. Inside the tube, there is a mercury-containing phosphor powder. Once an electrical current passes through the powder, the phosphor glows – creating light.

It is this mercury-containing phosphor powder that is dangerous. Mercury can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and other vital organs. As a consequence, fluorescent tubes are categorised as an absolute hazardous waste by the Environment Agency.

Businesses that dispose of fluorescent tubes are considered to be waste producers. As waste producers, businesses should take care when handling and storing fluorescent lighting. Additionally, they also need to use an authorised operator – like Wiser Recycling – to recycle them.

PPE Gloves

Wear appropriate eye protection and gloves.

Handle carefully

Businesses that have unwanted fluorescent lighting should be careful when moving them into storage. The experts at Wiser Recycling recommend that only appropriately trained operators should remove the light fitting.

PPE Eye Protection

In addition, the operator should wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). As a minimum, Wiser suggests wearing eye protection and gloves.

To mitigate the risk of breaking the fluorescent tube, other work-related activities should not interfere with the removal. This allows the operator to concentrate. Further to this, operators should adhere to their company’s wider health and safety procedures throughout.

After removal, the operator should store the lighting in an appropriate container provided by Wiser Recycling.

Store correctly

Wiser Recycling has a wide variety of disposal containers available for offices and workshops. Each specialised to hold different quantities and tube lengths. The following are the most popular:

  • Lightweight fluorescent tube coffins
    These flexible and cost-effective coffins can hold up to 100 fluorescent tubes. They are ideal for businesses that infrequently dispose of fluorescent lighting.
  • Heavyweight fluorescent tube container
    Durable plastic wheeled containers support up to 200 fluorescent tubes. They are an ideal solution for businesses that need to easily move their disposed luminaries.
  • Fluorescent tube pallet boxes
    Pallet boxes provide operators with a lightweight and secure option. These pallet boxes can store up to 1,000 fluorescent tubes. Furthermore, they have pallet straps which minimise manual handling and allow for straightforward movement and collection.

    Light Duty Container

    Wiser Recycling offers cost-effective storage solutions.

Recycle compliantly

Wiser Recycling specialises in fluorescent tube recycling. Operating two approved and authorised treatment facilities [across the UK], Wiser can compliantly collect unwanted fluorescent lighting from businesses both large and small. Effortlessly, businesses just need to store their unwanted lamps in Wiser Recycling’s specialised containers. Once the container is full, Wiser will collect the items and prepare them for recycling.

Operating state-of-the-art lamp recycling plants, Wiser recycles and treats the discarded lighting; transforming them into high-quality materials and products. For example, crushing the tube glass into cullet creates a product this is used in making fibreglass – avoiding the landfill. Find out more about Wiser Recycling’s fluorescent tube recycling process.

Start Recycling fluorescent tubes safely

Since 2002, Wiser has provided safe and compliant fluorescent tube recycling for many UK businesses. The comprehensive service ensures that operators no longer need to be concerned with storage cupboards full of unwanted fluorescent tubes. Contact Wiser Recycling today and get a quotation.