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Wiser bins Wiser Recycling works with a wide range of businesses and public sector organisations across the UK including corporate offices, retailers, manufacturers, waste management companies, hospitals and hotels.

We provide ad hoc or ongoing storage and collection services for single waste streams for all categories of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) as well as carrying out special works such as strip-outs for larger equipment. We can support the implementation of recycling schemes with training for staff and communications to raise awareness.

Our reuse, recycling and disposal services are based around the waste hierarchy. We aim to deliver the most environmentally responsible service with reuse at the forefront. We can provide reuse and recycling figures and carbon measuring reports to meet clients’ requirements under their environmental management systems or corporate social responsibility policies.

We provide clear audit trails for materials with all WEEE remaining in the UK. Only single stream materials such as plastic are exported.

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Visit our sister company Wiser Environment’s website and find out about the consultancy services we offer businesses and public sector organisations.