UK misses 2017 WEEE target

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DEFRA has published figures that suggest the collection target for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) was missed in 2017.

Most categories of WEEE experienced a shortfall with the largest being in large household appliances, display equipment, medical devices and monitoring and control equipment. The figures show that compliance schemes collected 522,901 tonnes of WEEE in 2017, 16% short of the target of 621,990. Those compliance schemes that did not meet their individual obligations will be required to pay a fee.

As part of the AATF Forum, Wiser Recycling expressed concern a couple of months ago that the UK would miss the target. The association believes that the lower than expected recycling rate is due to differences in the way that WEEE is defined and recorded by regulators as well as the high volumes of unreported WEEE.

Russell Hirst, Managing Director, Wiser Recycling says: “Leakage in the system is a massive problem. As well as resulting in missed targets it takes funding away from the industry where it is essential for investment. We are working with the AATF forum to better represent the views of the recycling industry and determine where the missing WEEE is being disposed of”.

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