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Alison Davies Croften Park 3 LREco Computer Systems is a London based social enterprise that refurbishes computers and IT equipment with profits invested into the local community.  The organisation runs a Resource Centre, providing training in IT and other courses to the long term unemployed and other disadvantaged members of society.  Eco Computer Systems runs three libraries in Lewisham, that the Council was otherwise planning to close down, and now offers WEEE recycling services to Lewisham residents through these facilities.  This enables residents without a car or those far from a Civic Amenity site to recycle their WEEE and ensure it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Wiser Recycling has been working with Eco Computer Systems for a number of years.  We provide wheeled containers for small WEEE items collected through the libraries and Resource Centre.  We collect small and large household electrical and electronic equipment from each facility as well as components and other materials leftover from the computer and IT equipment refurbishment.  We provided bin stickers, posters, PR and other communications support to help promote services to local residents.

Alexandra Lupano, Finance Director, Eco Computer Systems

“Our partnership with Wiser Recycling is one which is invaluable to us.  As a computer recycling company, we unfortunately need to breakdown computers if they cannot be reused, and without WISER, we would have problems in how to responsibly dispose of the parts and make sure they do not go to landfill.  It is also great, because money that we receive for the collections, go towards running the workshop that allows us to provide low-income families with computers, the running of our three previously Lewisham Council owed libraries, and a variety of training ranging from Health & Safety to Barista training.  We have also had Wiser Recycling bins put in all our libraries, and the local residents love that they have an outlet in which they can responsibly dispose of their small WEEE items.”