Wiser Environment’s continued Fire Prevention Plan success

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Our sister company, Wiser Environment,  has seen two more Fire Prevention Plans (FPPs) approved by the Enviornment Agency (EA) this week retaining the environmental consultancy’s 100% success rate.



In March 2016 Standard Rules for environmental permits for existing facilities that store combustible waste were updated to require Fire Prevention Plans.  Since then companies have struggled to meet the requirments which in turn has seen permit delays and a high EA rejection rate.

These latest FPPs supported Environmental Permit applications for a Waste Transfer operation in Yorkshire and a WEEE treatment site in Northamptonshire. The WEEE treatment site, in particular, required extended discussion with the EA, the Fire Service and Anglian Water as the site deviated from the latest version of the FPP Guidance in several aspects.

Wiser Environment continues to have a 100% success rate in getting FPPs approved and understands the complexities of the EAs approach to these documents. If you wish to discuss FPP please contact Wiser Environment on 01480 462 232.

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