Fluorescent tube disposal

Wiser Recycling provides friendly, reliable fluorescent tube disposal services to a wide range of organisations including local authorities, producer compliance schemes, retailers, wholesalers, waste management companies and many other businesses. We go the extra mile to ensure our clients get the service they need when they need it – whether you have 10 or 10,000 fluorescent tubes!

We offer a fully compliant and safe service for all types of lamps including fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent tubes, street lamps, LEDs and halogen lamps. We recycle material that would otherwise be set to landfill, minimising your impact on the environment.

Free lamp collections

Wiser Recycling offers free lamp collections for large quantities of lamp waste in the North, South and East of England.  For smaller quantities, we only charge transport and consignment notes, processing your materials for free.  Contact our friendly, reliable team today to find out more.

Fluorescent tube disposal - fluorescent tubes in containers being loaded into lamp recycling plant at Wiser Recycling

Fluorescent tube disposal services tailored to our clients

  • Compliance schemes
    We provide fluorescent tube disposal services to a number of compliance schemes. We can provide collection services for your clients across England and processing at our Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities in the North and East of England. Read about the fluorescent tube disposal services we provide to compliance schemes Recolight and Electrolink.
  • Local authorities
    We provide collections for all types of fluorescent tubes and household lamps from civic amenity sites/ household waste recycling centres. We are happy to supply fluorescent tube disposal containers where required. We can provide collection services or accept delivery to our Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities in the North and East of England for onward processing.
  • Wholesalers and retailers
    We collect fluorescent tubes and other lamp waste from lighting wholesalers and retailers either directly or on behalf of compliance schemes. We also accept deliveries to our Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities. We can de-lamp light fittings at those facilities, reducing the workload and space required at factories and stores, as well as minimising health & safety risks around the handling of hazardous wastes.
  • Waste management companies
    We work with waste management companies across England providing subcontracted fluorescent tube collections for your clients or taking delivery of waste lamps for onward processing.
  • Facilities management/ relamping
    Where you are replacing significant quantities of fluorescent tubes at the same time, we can provide fluorescent tube storage containers on a short term basis. We can provide lamp waste collections at times that suit you including out of hours with prior arrangement.
  • Businesses across the UK
    We provide a range of practical, cost effective options for the dry and safe storage of all types of fluorescent tubes in large or small quantities. We provide reliable collection services throughout England for all types of businesses and organisations including corporate offices, hospitals, universities and facilities management companies – whether you have 10 or 10,000 fluorescent tubes for disposal! We can also collect all your other WEEE.

Lamp waste - glass cullet produced during Wiser Recycling's lamp recycling process

Lamp recycling process

Our state-of-the-art recycling process crushes fluorescent tubes and other lamp waste, separating glass, plastics, metals and other materials for recycling and compliant disposal.  Read about the lamp recycling process that puts us light years ahead!

Let our friendly, reliable team take your lamp waste off your hands today! Contact us for a quote.

Got any other WEEE for disposal?

We will collect all your other waste electrical and electronic equipment at the same time. You only pay one consignment note fee and one transport fee for a full load, reducing your costs and environmental impact.

Contact us to find out more about a great solution for all your WEEE recycling.