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Wiser Recycling now offers metal lamp containers available across the UK. The specialised fluorescent tube and lamp container can effortlessly store up to 2,000 6ft fluorescent tubes. Perfect for sites that require robust and secure storage of luminaires. The clean and presentable containers are available today. Order now.

Wiser Recycling WEEE Storage Containers

At Wiser Recycling we offer a variety of WEEE storage containers. These are effective containers that will provide you with a compliant, safe and clean solution for storing your WEEE.

Since 2002, Wiser Recycling has provided safe and compliant fluorescent tube recycling for many UK businesses. This includes local authorities, producer compliance schemes, retailers, wholesalers, waste management companies and many other businesses.

Going the extra mile, Wiser Recycling delivers an all in one service that ensures compliant storage of fluorescent tubes.

New Metal Lamp Containers

The new metal containers are 1,930 x 1,200 x 1,210 mm in dimension; safely storing many fluorescent tubes. To order a container, contact Wiser Recycling today on 01480 464111 and get a quotation.

Metal Container Front View Dimensions

Metal Container Side View Dimensions




Metal Lamp Container


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