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Wiser Recycling has increased its lamp recycling capabilities with a new lamp recycling plant at its facility in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

Wiser Recycling's new lamp recycling equipment in its Huddersfield AATF Part funded by a grant from the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership, the equipment mirrors Wiser Recycling’s current lamp recycling plant in Norfolk, delivering a high quality recycling process to recover the different materials from lamps.

Lamps and fluorescent tubes are crushed and processed to separate the phosphor powder from the glass and metal. The phosphor powder contains mercury and is taken to a specialist facility for mercury and rare earth metal recovery. The high quality glass cullet and aluminium and steel used in the end caps are recycled.  Find out more about our lamp recycling process.

The new equipment is part of a £450,000 investment programme by Wiser Recycling to increase their capacity across all three waste electrical and electronic equipment facilities following ongoing significant growth.

Wiser Recycling provides lamp waste services to a wide range of organisations including local authorities, producer compliance schemes, retailers, wholesalers, waste management companies and many other businesses.  Find out more about our lamp waste services.

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