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  • How do I find out about collections in my area?
    Look out for posters in your local area in the run up to collection dates.
  • When do I put my items out?
    Place unwanted smaller items kerbside by 10.00am on the day of your collections. With larger appliances, we are happy to assist with moving these from outside your property to our vehicle. Please do not cause an obstruction to the pavement by leaving these large items kerbside.
  • What items do you take?
    We collect all unwanted electrical and electronic items as well as scrap metal. For a list of the items we take, visit items we collect.  We don’t collect other recyclables or household waste.
  • Can you help get items out of the home?
    We often get asked during our collections to come into people’s homes and assist in getting large items out. Unfortunately this has implications for health and safety and insurance as well as affecting our efficiency and cost of collection.  For these reasons we cannot provide assistance during our community collections.
  • How do I know it is Wiser collecting?
    Wiser Recycling staff wear branded clothing and collect materials in branded vehicles. If you see someone else taking the items you leave out for Wiser Recycling, please report it by calling the Police as quickly as possible.  Wiser Recycling is fully licenced to collect, transport and process your waste electrical and electronic equipment.  Collections made by others may be illegal and may cause environmental harm if not handled or treated responsibly.
  • What happens to the items you collect?
    We take all items back to our local recycling facility where we separate those items that have the potential to be reused. These are tested and where suitable repaired for resale.  Items that aren’t suitable for reuse are taken apart and separated into different materials such as metal and plastic which is then recycled.  Find out more about our facilities and processes.