Celebrate Recycle Week – Recycling is worth it!

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The 14th Recycle Week kicks off this week with the theme ’Recycling – It’s Worth It!’ to encourage us all to recycle more.

Proud to support Recycle Week 2017The aim this year is to promote the benefits of recycling and help bust recycling myths such as ‘it all goes to landfill anyway’. As a processor of significant quantities of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), we recycle well over 90% of the material that we handle. Doing so is at the core of our business and enables us to achieve our aim of minimising the carbon footprint associated with WEEE. It also enables us to employ a workforce and contribute to the local economy.

As first and foremost a reuse company, we screen WEEE for reuse potential and anything that can be repaired and refurbished (unless our customers have specifically requested otherwise) is separated and resold. WEEE that is not suitable for reuse is either manually de-manufactured or put through the process line. Most electrical and electronic equipment is manufactured largely from plastics, metals and glass which we separate and send to reprocessors across the UK and the rest of Europe to be made into new products. We are always looking for ways to recycle more materials and to find new and better ways to recycle existing materials.

So as a recycling business, we are celebrating Recycle Week this week. Recycling is worth it – not just for the environment but for people and the economy too.

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