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IMGP1761 LRLighthouse Furniture is a social enterprise run by church trustees, staff and volunteers in the Brentwood area of Essex.   The enterprise collects reusable furniture and other household items from the local community, repairing and reconditioning electrical items.  It then provides good quality furniture and household items for free or low cost to those on low income, and also sells goods to the general public through a warehouse in Brentwood.

Wiser Recycling has been working with Lighthouse Furniture since 2010.  We provide the enterprise with collection and disposal for non-reusable electrical and electronic equipment.  These items are processed at our Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATFs) and the scrap materials sold on to re-processors.  Lighthouse Furniture receives a rebate on these recycled materials which helps support the enterprise’s reuse project.  We also sell large household appliances that Wiser Recycling has tested and repaired at our AATFs, to Lighthouse Furniture who resells these through its shop or donates them to those in need.

Brian Darwood, Project Manager, Lighthouse Furniture

“Working with Wiser has been a real help to us.  It has enabled us to explore new opportunities for our work placements, provided us with an additional income stream to help fund our core aims and helps resolve a waste issue over small WEEE and a supply concern with larger appliances.”