Fluorescent tube disposal services to compliance scheme Electrolink

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Wiser Recycling has been working with long standing client, Electrolink, part of the Wastepack Group, for over ten years.

Under Electrolink’s compliance scheme, Wiser Recycling processes flourescent tubes and other lamps for a national department store chain and its international lamp producer. The lamps go through the recycling plant at our Huddersfield Approved Authorised Treatment Facility where the component materials including glass, metals and phosphor are separated and recovered.  Find out more about our lamp recycling process.

In the last nine months we have processed over 5½ tonnes of lamps and over 151 tonnes of light fittings that have been delivered to our facility from department stores across the UK by the lamp producer.

We have de-lamped fittings at our facility to reduce the workload of the client and the space required at the stores, as well as minimising health & safety risks around the handling of hazardous wastes.

Martyn Parfitt, Operations Manager, the Wastepack Group says: “We have worked with Wiser Recycling for many years. We like the way they work and what they achieve, they always go the extra mile for us and help out in any way they can.”

Find out more about our fluorescent tube collect and recycling services.