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Wiser Recycling is operating business as usual since the fire that consumed its Cambridgeshire facility last month. In fact, the company has been complimented by a number of clients who have been impressed by Wiser’s ability to provide continued high levels of service during this difficult period.

Wiser new head office in St Ives, CambridgeshireRussell Hirst, Managing Director, Wiser Recycling says: “Following the fire, we put contingency plans in place very quickly and have kept operations running as smoothly as possible. We are hugely grateful to our staff who have showed great patience and hard work to keep us operating as usual, particularly those who are travelling from Cambrideshire to our facility in Norfolk every day”.

Dominic Hirst at his temporary deskWiser has set up temporary new offices in Manor Mews, St Ives (pictured above) where the company will remain until its head office and treatment facility is rebuilt.  Operations Director, Dominic Hirst demonstrated his Yorkshire frugal tendencies and/or his commitment to maximising reuse with a desk and chair made of cardboard boxes (see image) when setting up in the unfurnished office!

The building at Caxton Road is now awaiting demolition. Wiser Recycling is working with the landlord to be able to recommence operations as soon as possible.


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