Battery recycling figures not reflective

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Reported battery recycling figures are not reflective of true portable battery usage and recycling, recent data suggests.

Last month, MRW and Lets Recycle reported that Environment Agency figures show that 38,725 tonnes of portable batteries were placed on the market in 2016 with just under 5% of these (1,936 tonnes) being lead acid batteries. Yet, the EA’s provisional figures showed that more than 50% of the 17,232 tonnes of portable batteries collected by compliance schemes in 2016 were lead acid.

Russell Hirst, Managing Director, Wiser Recycling says: “Lead acid batteries weigh much more than other portable household batteries such as Ni-Cd, making it easier for compliance schemes to meet their required tonnages. Although compliance scheme collections are permitted to include lead acid batteries up to 4kg in weight, it means the figures that are reported are not reflective of true battery usage and recycling in the UK.”

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