The TubeEater

ELAMPINATOR_3inchWide_LRWiser Recycling is the exclusive European distributor of the TubeEater, a fast and safe way to minimise the storage and transportation requirements of fluorescent tubes for recycling.  The new TubeEater has been designed to provide a more robust means of crushing large quantities of fluorescent tubes safely, in a rapid timescale.

An innovative, purpose-designed, rapid machine, the TubeEater enables the on-site crushing of fluorescent tubes. This process, along with reduced space required in transportation, saves approximately 90% of volume over whole tubes.  The TubeEater can be easily converted to being a mobile unit to enable a more versatile approach to handling waste lamps.

The versatility and speed of crushing by the TubeEater enables the user to quickly and efficiently crush at the site of production and move onto the next location on a milk round basis. The TubeEater has been tested for safety and fully conforms with equipment supply requirements, and operates at well below Workplace (Occupational) Exposure Limits.

Lamps are crushed rapidly through the TubeEater, which can crush all lengths of linear fluorescent tubes including 240cm (eight foot).  The unit also comes with a feed for compact fluorescents.

We can offer those customers who generate large quantities of fluorescent tubes an extremely cost effective system by supplying the TubeEater for them to undertake the crushing themselves.  We provide the whole service by supplying replacement filters, and then collect the crushed material during our normal collection rounds minimising transport needs. The material is taken to our treatment plant for further reprocessing through our state-of-the-art lamp recycling process.